Garden Clearance & Removal Birmingham

Has your Garden turned into a “no head out” area or an “eyesore” you’re not happy with? If that’s the case, you should unquestionably hire a Garden Clearance & Removal Birmingham service to get back your walkable garden.

What’s include:

  • Removal of broken fence panels and other broken garden features
  • Pruning or complete removal of bushes, trees, and ivy
  • Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble
  • Trimming and cutting back hedges
  • Tidy up of flower beds
  • Leaf clearance
  • Lawn mowing


How does the garden clearance service works?

Our garden clearance service works straightfoward. Once your booking has been confirmed with us we will schedule an appointment with you. Next, our staff will visit your property at schedule time with all required equipment and start working. Once the overgrown grass cut, our garden specialists will gather all grass, leaves, and twigs and load up 180L of green waste (2x90l black rubbish bags) and put it to compost bin if you’ve any. We offer complimentary bags (2x90l black rubbish bags). So If you’ve more greenery remaining and you want it eliminated, you’ll end up paying extra for bags and disposal.

How much does a garden clearance cost?

Our price depends on season and hour.  In summer we charge 1st hour of £60 and next hours £45 while in winter expect to pay £5 extra.

How long does garden clearance?

We can’t give you a fixed time. It can take several hours to a complete day, based on the state of your green space.

Do I need to reschedule my service if the weather is bad?

Unless there is heavy snowfall in Birmingham, no need to reschedule your garden clearance booking.

Can you remove some of my old garden furniture as well?

Indeed, we can do it. However, you’ve to make a separate booking for waste removal service.