Shed Dismantle and Removal

So you have a shed that no longer attracts you? Do you want to dismantle and discarded it? It’s the right time to book our shed dismantle and removal service. Allow our team to deal with it for you. Apart from Sheds, we can dismantle and remove Greenhouses, Garage Clearances, Pergolas, Decking and Summerhouses.

Please note Our Dismantle & Removal Service does not apply to all building types and there are some restrictions to the size of the building we’ll dismantle. Please ensure your building fulfill the below criteria.

  • It’s manufactured from wood and isn’t a cottage.
  • It’s under 8ft x 6ft in size (footprint).
  • It’s totally vacant.
  • Clear accessibility property is available.

How much does it cost to dismantle a shed?

Can you move a shed without dismantling?