How to Pack for a Move? A Complete Checklist


Relocating with a van sounds thrilling, however, it never is a procedure we look forward to because frequently we don’t know where to start. When you are preparing for moving there is a number of steps that you need to follow to make shifting less complicated for yourself and all your family members. Man with a Van Birmingham has come up with a few moving tips that may be helpful for your special day.

Know what not to pack

Every relocation company comes with a policy. You should understand you can’t pack and shift everything you wish. So, ask your moving company for a copy of the list of the blacklist items which you can not transfer for security reasons. With this particular checklist in your hands, you would not hang around, materials, and supplies on packing something you will probably be pushed to avoid.

Do Not over 40 Pounds per Box

The general rule is that each box mustn’t weigh over 40 pounds. It is a significance, in case you are transferring out of Birmingham, as there will be numerous more moving boxes to pack for sure. As a result, boxes better to move around and less likely to broken at their seams. A packing service could add a few additional bucks to your moving budget but it can make a good difference.

Roll Your Clothes

Rapidly choose everything you no longer put on and put them on a different pack. Armed forces rolling method is considered the most well-liked strategy to pack and move to clothing.

Take All of Your Documents with You

Being a responsible man with a van company we suggest it’s better to carry your important documents with you. These include birth certificates, passports, bank account statements, etc. In case your documents can complement one box, pack them in one of suitable size, and load it into your car. However,  If you have jewellery, must hold yourself.

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